About me

As a Cultural Care representative, I am a resource for families who are considering hosting an au pair. I am an advocate for this unique form of childcare that provides families with a great deal of flexibility at an affordable price, while also providing a valuable cultural exchange experience for both host families and au pairs. Perhaps you are comparing au pairs to daycares or nannies, or looking for help with school-aged children before and after school. I can help you determine if au pair childcare is the right childcare solution for you.

I am Helena Malarkey, a dedicated wife and mother of three boys. I was born and raised in Freiburg, Germany. After having studied Law at the Universities of Heidelberg and Hamburg, and spent a year studying European Law in Strasbourg,France on a grant from the European Union. During my time in Heidelberg, I also spent a semester at Northwestern State University of Louisiana on an athletic scholarship, playing on the women’s tennis team. Shortly before finishing my law studies my husband and I – we met in Heidelberg, where he was studying international law – got married in my hometown. I spent three years working as an attorney, balancing that with caring for our first two sons, who were born in Dusseldorf. In late 2001 we moved to the United States.  During our time here our third son was born, in 2004 and we have had wonderful au pairs helping us get through our busy days. I started my work as Local Childcare Consultant for Cultural Care Au Pair in the summer of 2006 and I really enjoy working with the host families and au pairs, because it gives me a great insight into the lives of American families, as well as the international flair of working with the au pairs.